Degree Audit Advising Resources

Using Yale Degree Audit as an Adviser

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Log In and view the Worksheets Tab

  • Navigate to and log in with your CAS credentials. Once logged in, please allow several seconds for Degree Audit to fully load.
  • The Worksheets tab loads. The Worksheets tab shows the audit of a student’s degree progress. There are a series of “blocks” with information. The blocks may differ, depending on the level of the pursued degree.
  • The top block contains student information. Information about the selected student displays inside this block.
  • Use the Select Student drop-down menu in the block to select from your list of advisees.

             Image of the Select Student drop-down menu

Searching for Students

You can search with certain criteria to narrow in on a subset of your advisees.

1. Click the Advanced Search link below the Student ID field in the student information block to open the Find Students screen.

Image of the Advanced Search link

2. Enter your search criteria.

3. Click the Search button in the lower right corner. Your search results appear at the bottom of the screen.

  • You can sort the list by clicking any column header. The list of audits on the main screen will display in the order chosen here.
  • Uncheck boxes in the search results to exclude those students from the list of audits on the main screen.

4. Click Select to return to the main screen with only this list of selected students.

      Image of the Find Students block

Information Blocks

The Student Information block shows basic information about the student.

Image of the Student Information block

The Degree block includes grade requirements and a summary of the other blocks in the audit.

Image of the Degree Block window

The next block is for the major/program of study/coursework requirements.

Image of the major / program of study / coursework requirements window

Any or all of the following blocks may display, depending on the student’s academic history.

The Fallthrough block lists eligible courses that were not used for the major/program requirements. These may be excess courses, audited courses, or other courses that are not necessary for the major. Courses from this section are sometimes later applied to the major block by exception.

Image of the Fallthrough block

The Ineligible block includes courses in which the student enrolled but the courses are not eligible for credit toward the degree (failed courses, withdrawals, ineligible repeats, etc.).

Image of the Ineligible block

The In-progress and Preregistered block lists in-progress courses for which a grade has not yet been submitted.

Image of the In-progress and Preregistered block

The Not Counted block includes items in the student’s academic record that do not count toward the degree.

Image of the Not Counted block

The Exceptions block will show a summary of exceptions if any exist on the audit.

Image of the Exceptions block

The Notes block will display only if any notes have been entered for the student.

Image of the Notes block

Legend and Disclaimer

The legend is at the bottom of the worksheet, followed by a disclaimer approved by the University General Counsel’s Office.

Image of the Legend at the bottom of the worksheet


The Notes option allows you to view notes entered in the audit or add new notes. To add a note, click the three vertical dots above the student information block, then click the Notes option.

Image of the Notes option

Click Add a new note and you will see a box to enter your desired text. When finished, click the Save Note button.

IMPORTANT: Please use discretion whenever adding a note. Notes are not confidential and can be seen by anyone viewing the audit, including students.

Image showing the add a new Note screen

Commonly Used Features

Class History

You can view a simple chronological listing of a student’s classes in the Class History. To see the class history, click the three vertical dots above the student information block, then click the Class History option.

Image showing how to select the Class History option

Image of the Class History list

Save as PDF or Print

You can save the audit as a PDF file—then print, save, or email the file—by clicking the print icon above the student information block. The PDF file will appear in a separate window and may take several seconds to create.

Image of saving the audit as a PDF option

Update the Audit

Produce a New Audit with New Banner Data

The data refreshed date indicates the last time DegreeWorks checked Banner for new data. Hover your mouse pointer over the data refreshed date to see when the data was last changed.

Image of the Refresh option

Click the Refresh button to force the system to check Banner for new data. Use this feature if you believe there is new data in Banner that is not in the degree audit.

When you click the Refresh icon you will see a notification if there is new data in Banner and a new Degree Audit is generated, or if no new data was found.

Produce a New Audit without Checking Banner for New Data

Go to the Worksheets tab then click the Process button near the top of the page, just below the student information block.

Image of the Process button

Catalog Term

  • Degree Audit uses an effective term called catalog term to determine which requirements students must fulfill for their degree and program.
  • The catalog term for the student’s degree is their first matriculated term.
  • The catalog term for the student’s field of study (major, certificate, concentration) is the term in which this field is declared.



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School-Specific Information

Graduate School

The Milestones for the Ph.D. block will show if it applies to the selected student.

Image of the Milestones for the Ph. D. block

The Language Proficiency block appears if the selected student has any language proficiency codes in Banner regardless of whether their program of study has a language requirement.

  • If a student has met their language requirement and their Banner record has the G05 event code, the checkbox Language Requirement Completed checkbox will show in this block.

Image of the Language Proficiency window

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