Registering for Classes

Yale College students may register for classes during their designated registration period and the Add/Drop period. Yale College students will enroll in all courses using easy-to-use registration features in Yale Course Search. See the Registration Calendar for important registration dates.

Search for a Course

Login to Yale Course Search and perform a search to find the desired course. Click a course from the results to see its details.

View Course Details

Review course information, including the Course Description, Distributional Designations, Instructors, Meeting Info, Class Notes, and Course Resources.

  • Clicking an instructor name will show you what other courses the instructor teaches.
  • If enrollment for that course is managed by Preference Selection or has some other admissions process, see the Class Notes section for details.
  • Buttons in the Course Resources area may include Course Evaluations, Syllabus, Buy Books, and Share.

Add the Desired Course to Your Registration Worksheet

Click the Add to Worksheet button. Make sure the you have the Registration worksheet selected, and click OK.

Once a course has been added successfully to your Registration worksheet, you are officially enrolled.

NOTE: If a message states “Concurrent enrollment in [course name here] is required,” you cannot register for the selected course/section without also enrolling in the course indicated by the message.

When Instructor Permission is Required

There are two scenarios when you will encounter a class that requires an instructor’s permission to register.

  • An instructor chose to set up a class to require permission for registration.
  • A class has reached its enrollment capacity.

The registration process is the same for either scenario.

  1. Add the class to your Registration worksheet .
  2. In the REQUEST INSTRUCTOR PERMISSION section, enter the justification for your request.
  3. Click the SUBMIT REQUEST button.

The worksheet contents will show the class on your worksheet with a pending status, awaiting the instructor’s approval. Once approved, you will need to complete your registration.

TIP: While you are waiting for approval, you can also add the course to your Canvas worksheet to gain access to the Canvas site in the meantime.

Completing Registration after Instructor’s Approval

When you login to Yale Course Search, you will see a message if any instructors have approved your requests.

  1. Click View. The Search Results screen will show all classes for which your requests were approved.
  2. Click Confirm Changes at the bottom of the screen.
  3. You can view your Registration worksheet to see the course(s) among your selections.