Reviewing Permission Requests

There are two scenarios in which students may request permission to take you course.

  1. You have chosen to make your course Instructor Permission Required, meaning that you will need to provide explicit permission for any student to register for your class.
  2. Your class has reached its enrollment maximum. Once a course has reached its capacity, no additional students will be able to enroll without your permission (if you so choose). As an alternative, if you would like to permit more students to enroll, you may also request for your maximum enrollment number to be increased through your department registrar.

Review, Approve, or Deny Registration Requests

  1. Login to Yale Course Search.
  2. Scroll down and click COURSES I MANAGE. (If the button has a red dot on it with a number, it means there are pending permission requests. ) A new section with a list of courses will appear. Courses with a red circle with a number inside indicates those courses have pending instructor permission requests.
  3. Click the target course to see its information. At the bottom click the MANAGE COURSES button.
    • The Manage Course button may also have a red circle with a number inside.
  5. The Instructor Permission Requests screen appears, showing a list of requests waiting for instructor action.
    • You can sort the list by using options in the SORT BY menu.

6. There are multiple icons on the page; see the Icon Legend for an explanation of each icon.

  • If the icon indicates that the class was removed from the student’s worksheet:
    • While the item needs no action, you may still provide an approval—the student may have spoken to you about registering—or deny the request.
  • You may click an envelope icon to initiate an email to the student.

7. Requests may be approved or denied from the Instructor Permission Requests screen or from within each requests’ detail screen.

  • Instructor Permission Requests screen:
    • Click the box to toggle between no response, approved, and denied.
    • Note: You may change your response any time before the student has completed their registration for the class.
  • Request Details screen:
    • Click any request to see its details.
    • Click the appropriate button to deny or approve the request.
  • You must click the Submit button at the bottom of the Instructor Permission Requests screen to save the changes.

9. A confirmation box appears to review the changes before submitting. There is also an option to select if you want to “Automatically deny all other pending requests” for the selected class.

  • Click Cancel or Submit Changes, then click OK.
  • Note: You can submit changes to your approvals and denials if the student has not completed registration for the class.