Yale Course Search Icons

Icon Audience Meaning
A blue icon that looks like a worksheet Student

The course is on your worksheet but you are not registered for the course.

A yellow caution icon with an exclamation point in a triangle Student Important message to view.
A red x Student An error that needs to be addressed.
A picture of an hourglass with the word "pending" next to it Student Your registration for the class is pending approval.
Hourglass icon with the words "You are on the waitlist for this section" next to it. Student You are on the waitlist for this discussion/lab section or course.
A black check mark with the words "You are registered for this section" next to it Student You are registered for the section.
A blue worksheet icon with a red circle stricken through on it Faculty The student removed the course from their Registration Worksheet. This item needs no action.
A blue button that reads "Courses I Manage" with a small red cirlce with the number three in itA blue button with that reads "Manage Courses" and a red circle with the number 7 in it Faculty Buttons with a red circle containing a number indicates there are items requiring action. The quantity of action items is indicated by the number.
A snapshot of a course offering with the course number, title, date/time, and instructor name with a red circle on it with the number 2 in the cirlce Faculty A class with a red circle containing a number. The circle indicates there are action items for that class. The number indicates the quantity of action items.
A black unchecked check box Faculty The request is pending a response from the instructor.
A green checkbox with a green check in it Faculty The instructor has approved the request but the student hasn’t yet registered for the class.
A gray checkbox with a gray check in it Faculty The instructor has approved the request and the student has registered for the course. The instructor cannot change or revoke their approval.
A red checkbox with a white x in it Faculty The request has been denied.
A blue envelope Faculty Click the envelope icon to initiate a new email to the student.