Registration FAQs

Yes. If you are officially enrolled in the course, you will be seen with a “Student” status on the instructor’s Canvas roster. If you are not officially enrolled, but have the course on your Canvas worksheet, you will be seen with a “Visitor” status on the instructor’s Canvas roster.

Instructors are not able to to see your position on the waitlist and do not have the ability to adjust students’ position on the waitlist.

Your adviser, DUS, and residential college dean will be able to review your schedule at all times by using the Degree Audit or Student Profile Advising System.  While a formal approval is not required, you are expected to meet with and consult your adviser(s).

Several professional schools register on a different timeline than Yale College. For schools that register later than Yale College you are not able to add their courses to you registration work sheet. In this case, submit a blue form at any time during registration, however, you might not hear whether you are accepted into the course and whether it will count for a full credit until the add/drop period.  See “Request to Enroll in a Professional School Course” (aka “Blue Form”)  on the registration website to request permission of the instructor and professional school. If approved, the University Registrar’s Office will award appropriate course credit.

Courses in SOM do not require a blue form, instead they require a SOM form found on the SOM website.

Canvas worksheets will provide access to Canvas course sites until the Add/Drop period closes.

Up to 5 courses may be added to the Canvas worksheet.

The registration worksheet allows you to enroll to the maximum course credits allowed by Academic Regulations, which for Yale College students is 5.5 course credits. If you have a need to enroll in more than 5.5 course credits, you will need to speak with your Residential College Dean.

If you add additional credits to your worksheet, you will not be enrolled in the courses without permission and will not see a black checkmark which indicates enrollment in the course.

When registration opens, log in to Yale Course Search and begin adding courses to the registration worksheet. You may enroll course-by-course in real time. Enrolling in a course using the registration worksheet will provide access to the Canvas course site and will appear overnight on your Degree Audit as an in-progress course. Courses added to the Canvas worksheet will provide temporary access to the Canvas course site, but you will not be enrolled in the course(s).

If the course is set up for “Instructor Permission” through the registration system, you will find notice of this under Registration Notes. In this case, there is an envelope icon that allows you to send an email request to enroll. The instructor will respond within the registration system.

Some courses however, have other application or preregistration requirements. Review the Class Notes or Course Description in Yale Course Search and the expanded course description in Canvas. Courses that utilize the Preference Selection system, which opens prior to registration, are listed on the Preference Selection website. You may also review the website of the department offering the course.