Registration FAQ

Begin by reviewing the Class Notes or Course Description in Yale Course Search and the expanded course description in Canvas. Some courses utilize the Preference Selection system and are listed on the Preference Selection website. You may also review the website of the department offering the course.

Canvas is not the official record of enrollment. Course demand statistics and Canvas rosters update at different times of the day, and when registration is open to students, they may add and remove courses from both their registration worksheet (official enrollment) and their Canvas worksheet as often as they would like. When registration is closed, fluctuations in rosters and course demand statistics should mostly cease with the exception of administrative changes.

When registration opens, log in to Yale Course Search and begin adding courses to the registration worksheet. You may enroll course-by-course in real time. Enrolling in a course using the registration worksheet will provide access to the Canvas course site and will appear overnight on your Degree Audit as an in-progress course. Courses added to the Canvas worksheet will provide temporary access to the Canvas course site, but you will not be enrolled in the course(s).

Adding courses to the registration worksheet will officially enroll Yale College students in courses, in real time. Yale College students may add and remove courses from the registration worksheet during the Yale College Early Registration period and Add/Drop period.

Graduate and Professional School students may see a Registration Worksheet if they are enrolled in courses. The Registration Worksheet cannot be edited. Graduate and Professional School students will need to use their normal registration method to add and drop courses.

The Canvas worksheet provides temporary visitor access to Canvas course sites. 

The Early Registration period takes place prior to the term of enrollment and is intended to be a gauge of student interest in course enrollment and to provide advance notification of permission to enroll in courses that have limited enrollments. It allows departments to manage demand for enrollment, the number of discussion/lab sections and teaching fellows needed, and the size of the room needed.

The Add/Drop period takes place during the week before and the first week of classes. The Add/Drop period is for refinement of the student course schedule and culminates with a final schedule.

The Preference Selection process and other course application processes takes place prior to the open of the Early Registration period. Refer to the Important Dates section of this website for specific dates.

Discussion and lab section selection will take place during the Early Registration period. Refer to the Important Dates section of this website for specific dates. You must select both a lecture and the discussion section/lab to be enrolled in the course.

Yes, courses you have successfully added to your registration worksheet are considered official enrollment and will appear on your Yale College transcript and other university systems (e.g., Yale Degree Audit).

  • Black check mark means successfully enrolled.
  • Green check mark means you have already taken the course.
  • Worksheet means you have added to your worksheet but have not successfully enrolled.
  • Alert means there is an issue preventing successful registration.

Refer to the main page of the registration website for a full list of icons and their meanings.

Canvas worksheets will provide access to Canvas course sites until the Add/Drop period closes.